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THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to those who touched base with me following the 60 Minutes Anxiety story. It has filled my heart with equal parts joy and gratitude for your kindness, and frustration and sadness people are still not getting the help they need with anxiety and agorapbobia.

You have all reminded me why I put myself through the extra anxiety to do the story. You have all reminded me to ignore the people who aren’t so supportive. You’ve reminded me to keep focused on getting my story out there to help.

So, in a week where I went from feeling in a daze of surrealism, to elation, to exhaustion to sadness, I am keeping my promise (to me) to do this first email for Unbuckle Your Fears. And I plan to do them every Sunday, if not more often.

As a starting point, I decided I should do a couple of videos for you. When I uploaded them I was kinda embarrassed by how I looked and the crappy quality and messy surroundings and was about to delete them. BUT, I decided to put vanity and perfectionism to the side because what is more important is to get something out to you.

I hope you agree.

In this first video I tell you a little bit more about me and my agoraphobia.

Whilst in this second video I detail my 10 tips to agoraphobia and anxiety recovery.

Moving forward, I sooooo want to help you all and am completely over thinking (anxiety joke!) how to best do this.

I will definitely do a workbook detailing my year of agoraphobia recovery.

But, in the meantime, I thought it may be helpful to answer any questions you may have. Nothing’s out of bounds and I can keep you anonymous, if you wish. Head to the contact page and hit-me-up with any question/s you have.

I will then video my answers for you. Or may do a podcast? Or maybe it’s articles…

Are you getting a theme?! I’m open to what will be helpful to YOU, so please let me know what communication method you’d like.

So, I’ve started… And so have you!! You signing up and asking for help and tips is your start.

I believe in you. Whenever you doubt wellness, remember I’ve come from being stuck on a couch to telling my story on 60 Minutes!

Yep, you can unbuckle your fears too.

Big hugs and hang in there, always
Megan x

Want more? Check the blog I did for 60 Minutes on how someone with anxiety does a story on anxiety.

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