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Structured Problem Solving for Anxiety

Step 1: What is the problem/goal?

Think about the problem/goal carefully, ask yourself questions. Then write down exactly what the problem/goal is.


Step 2: List all possible solutions

Put down all ideas, even bad ones. List the solutions without evaluation at this stage.


Step 3: Assess each possible solution

Quickly go down the list of possible solutions and assess the main advantages and disadvantages of each one.


Step 4: Choose the “best” or most practical solution

Choose the solution that can be carried out most easily to solve (or begin to solve) the problem.


Step 5: Plan how to carry out the best solution

List the resources needed and the major pitfalls to overcome. Practise difficult steps, make notes of information needed.


Step 6: Review progress and be pleased with any progress

Focus on achievement first. Identify what has been achieved then what still needs to be achieved. Go through steps 1 – 6 again in the light of what has been achieved or learned.

What has been achieved?

What still needs to be done?


Credit: This resource was handed during my dr sessions. It has been transcribed with approval from psychiatrist but remains the property of him