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Megan Barrow Anxiety & Agoraphobia Recovery

Megan Barrow Anxiety Agoraphobia Recovery

As featured on 60 Minutes Australia “Age of Anxiety”


Megan Barrow’s anxiety and agoraphobia recovery began in the late 1990s. Her life had been debilitated by undiagnosed anxiety disorder since a toddler, until panic attacks became a part of her daily life. She had a nervous breakdown at 23 years-old, unable to cope any longer and unable to leave the house.


She then pretty much stayed on a couch for nearly three years for fear of dying or panicking if she moved. Her life was lonely, isolated and she couldn’t see a way out (literally).


Twenty years later, Megan is not only recovered from anxiety and agoraphobia, but is an ambassador for Australian mental health organisations beyondblue and RUOK? and tells her story to educate the wider community on mental health issues, including, most recently appearing on 60 Minutes Australia in March 2017.


She knows the power of a conversation; that by hearing someone’s story you can feel less alone in the world. Unbuckle Your Fears is about inspiring and helping people struggling with agoraphobia. anxiety disorder and depression with her lived experiences. She wants you to know you can recover and learn to live bravely, freely and happily with anxiety. It’ll be the toughest thing you ever do, but boy-oh-boy it is worth it.


There is no judgement or one-size-fits-all solution for agoraphobia and anxiety recovery. One thing Megan is upfront with is miracle cures do not exist and it takes time, hard work and discipline to break through from debilitating anxiety and panic. But you you are not alone.


Megan is available for presentations and workshops and will be launching regular online blogs, videos and a potential podcast about anxiety. Contact her to find out more or sign up below.